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This weekend is the 5th annual Wooden-Apple Music Festival in Palermo, NY. Join us for a weekend of music and fun! 

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Yesterday was Mother's Day and I woke up to snow!  I suppose my Kansas roots always tug on my soul when the last vestiges of winter hang on with a fierce grip here in northern country.  I carefully carried all of my flats full of seedlings from the little greenhouse to the back room.  They're craving the sun as strongly as I am.

I've finished writing another song for the new CD and it seems to be holding up to the others.  I've got two more tracks to tweak and then I can take all of that material into the studio.  I'm excited and nervous about how much needs to be packed into the next month and a half.  One day at a's just that they go so fast!

My experiment in growing out my hair indefinitely has officially come to a close.  After weeks of dreadful reports about the disaster that is filling up the Gulf of Mexico, I finally heard something that I could do to help.  It turns out that hair is a perfect substance to filter and soak up oil.  They are coordinating efforts to get salons and pet groomers to collect all of their "trashed" hair and send it to help in the keeping the oil from completely destroying a complete ecosystem.  My hair didn't last much longer.  I now have a bag of hair that is working its way down to the coast and I am sporting a brand new hairdo.

That's all for today! Off to have a great day!

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