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This weekend is the 5th annual Wooden-Apple Music Festival in Palermo, NY. Join us for a weekend of music and fun! 

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We’ve made it to April and all of my windowsills are filled with seedlings.  The anticipation of growth is so thick in the air I can reach out and touch it!


We just got back from Maine where we had the privilege of singing with the Voices for Peace choir in Bangor.  I highly recommend finding a time to hear or join their joyful singing!  We are also looking forward to heading to the Boston, DC and Chicago areas in the coming month!


Sing With Me!!

I am putting out a call to all of you, whether you are adept musicians or prefer singing in the shower.  I want to add your voices to my next recording.  I am forming a recorded choir of all ages, abilities and walks of life.  If you would like to get involved (and I hope you do!) send me an email to letting me know whether you’re more comfortable in your low voice or high voice (these are relative, the “high” part is not high at all).  If you happen to have done the choir thing then let me know what part you typically sing (soprano, alto, tenor or bass).  I will then email you an MP3 of the line that I’d like you to sing.  You then record yourself singing along.  When you record yourself, please make sure that you are listening to the song I’ve sent in headphones so that I get a recording that is just your voice.  Programs like “Garage Band” are perfect for recording your vocal track, you do not need to find a professional recording studio to record your part.  Then, you send me your recording.  I will compile them, making our choir, which will become a part of the CD to be released next October.  I’ve tried to give a thorough explanation, but please contact me if you have any questions!  I would like to have all your recorded voices to me by May 8.


From the Earth

We’ve officially begun our next album, From the Earth.  We are planning a big CD opening next October, so keep your eyes and ears opened for when and where to get tickets.  We are working on the CD artwork and will be asking you to vote for which pictures should adorn the back cover and the actual CD.  This is in still in the works, so stay tuned as more information becomes available.


New Website

If you are here you have noticed that my website has a completely new look!  Let me know what you think!


Lilith Fair

Lilith Fair is at it again and they are holding contests for local musicians to perform at the nearest city.  I have entered the contest and need your help!  Starting May 1st Lilith Fair, through will be holding regional contests to choose local musicians for each city.  They are looking for folks who can get votes.  So head to and become a “judge” for the Lilith Fair contest.  I’ve entered the New York City group and would love for your help in getting the chance to perform with the incredible group of musicians that make Lilith Fair happen!

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