Gina Holsopple

Christmas Is Here

by Gina Holsopple

Released 2011
Released 2011
"Like a tamed sort of bluegrass...softer, more composed, and a little more midwestern."
I was asked to be a part of a Christmas CD. Christmas music! I had certainly never dabbled in singing specifically for the holidays. But, because I am always looking to stretch myself as a musician I thought I would give it a try. After sorting through dozens of Christmas songs I decided to throw them all out and try for one in my own voice and style. "Christmas is Here" is the child of that process.
It took a couple of sittings at the piano to get the feel just right, but now I'm hooked. I am pleased with the flow and it certainly passes the test of being a fun song to sing. Even my son gets it stuck in his head and I catch him humming it sometimes when he doesn't think I'm listening.
So, cheers to the holidays! It truly is a great time to be singing. I hope you enjoy the song. I hope you sing along.
Peace to you now, tomorrow and beyond.