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This weekend is the 5th annual Wooden-Apple Music Festival in Palermo, NY. Join us for a weekend of music and fun! 

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Music grows and spreads only by the help of it's fans.  Join the 
Gina Holsopple Street Team to spread the word.  It is a simple 
way to be an active part of the music!


What you do as a Street Team Member:
2. Hand out fliers for shows near you.
3. For the computer savvy/social-networky-types - put up Gina Holsopple widgets and banners (this is not a difficult process)
4. Update your statuses with Gina Holsopple music news.
5. Take pictures of you and your friends sporting their Gina Holsopple hat and post them online.
6. Hang up posters for shows near you.
7. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! (repeated, because truly this is the most effective form of spreading the music)


How to join:
Contact me at with the subject "STREET TEAM". In the body of the email please include one sentence about why you want to join the street team and your mailing address.


What you get from joining the Gina Holsopple Street Team:
You get the satisfaction of being a part of a musical movement.
You also get a personalized Gina Holsopple Street Team Hat.


Thanks for joining the movement!