Gina Holsopple

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Nice Post. ---------- I love
I love your work! Do you still have Long Night In a Movie Theatre for sale? "Jesse" really spoke to me. Thanks!
Gina, LOVE the music! hope you can come to Ohio sometime!!!! Your friend from childhood, Shereen =)
This young lady's success is no doubt due to the fine leadership she experienced in her elementary school years!
that "Gina's Country Song" is that really your's? it sounds like an old country classic, and already I tried to find it on YouTube done by the originator but can not put my finger on it. I've had that in the back of my mind and it is so great to stumble across that video you have on your website. :)
Great music and website
Love you Gina!!! Keep singing and doing your thing, its what you were born to do. DIVAS!!!!
Hey, I did the CIT program at Bristol this summer (2010) and had a blast!! I learned so much about myself and others. I've really been influenced by you, Piper, and your music to do better, for myself and others! Thank you so much for that opportunity and I will hopefully see you guys next summer!
I love your music. My brother introduced it to me after rain princess came out. He actually saw you at Mennofolk if I remember correctly but I was too young to go. I still listen to that album. Your music is very comforting.
Gina is a great influence to those who like to sing.